Godfather of Punk: Terri Hooley

As part of Belfast Music, Belfast City Council placed a plaque on the site where the legendary Harp Bar once stood, in recognition of the contribution of Terri Hooley to Belfast's thriving Punk Rock scene of the late 70’s early 80’s.

Terri was the founder of the Good Vibrations Record Company, which boasted The Outcasts, Rudi and The Undertones. NvTv was at the event to speak to the man himself about the story of Good Vibrations and the Harp Bar. Also interviewed is Brian Young of Rudi, the band ‘that changed Terri Hooley’s life’.

Music includes an acoustic version of ‘Big Time’ (the first single on Good Vibrations) sung by Brian Young at the event and also tracks from The Outcasts, Rudi, Protex and Moondogs.

cathedral quarter