Belfast Community Circus celebrated 20 years of madness with this superb night’s performance featuring a whole range of top artists. The juggling, balancing, aerial stunts, and crazy stand-up will keep you entertained for hours and hours… 1 hr 13 mins exactly.

Performing for your pleasure are: That Man, Geoff Jones, Smack, Rusty and Shuggy, Scarlett Sisters, Frappacinno Sisters, Mr. Quate and Mr. Goldie, Mr. H, Innuendo, Derek, Spinal Gap, Yellafeverfoundation, and Tumble Circus.

The Belfast Community Circus was established in 1985 thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of Donal McKendry and Mike Moloney who found themselves introducing community circus to Northern Ireland during a time when there was a desperate need for positive shared experiences for young people from different communities.

As in so many cases throughout the world, the lure of the circus proved irresistible and the momentum gained was so unstoppable that, nineteen years down the line Belfast Community Circus found itself in the position of being the most prolific youth and community arts organisation in Northern Ireland.

First broadcast January 30th 2006.

cathedral quarter